Our Mission

Denton Plant Factory strives to provide high quality plants and education through customer interaction and a focus on the betterment of our community from the ground up.

Our Vision

Our vision aligns with our mission. We at Denton Plant Factory strive to restore the native biodiversity of our local communities through knowledgeable interactions with our experienced staff and the sale of high quality plants and products from local vendors.

Meet Our Founders

Simon Fuhrmann


Simon is most at home in nature.  This Dentonite’s passion for the great outdoors spans across hayfields and tractors, to lakes and fishing ponds.  Simon is happiest working in the open air and laboring with his hands.  For over 20 years, he has honed his skills in construction, agriculture, landscaping and hardscaping.  Simon’s goal at Denton Plant Factory is to give people a welcoming space to learn about plants and gardening so they can enjoy the beauty and relaxation of nature at their own homes.

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